Allow anyone to copy your app as a template

Finally I managed to redo everything. I first copied the sheet then I added the special columns in the Glide database.
Then I copied all the components. It took me 6 hours of work but I’m glad to have the option to copy the app again.

I’m also not seeing this App Copy option on my sharing screen, it is a Pro App linked to a custom domain.
I just want to copy the app it to my other account.
Is there any other option to do this?

Did you build your app from a purchased template?

No, built it from scratch. I do see the checkbox in duplicates of this app, which are not Pro.

Yeah, I don’t think Pro apps can be copied.
But allowing a fresh duplicate to be copied should do the trick, no?

This is strange or a bug.
I pay for an app and can do less?

I’m not sure if it’s a bug, or a deliberate move by Glide. I suspect the latter.
I’m also not sure how long it’s been this way - I noticed it recently and didn’t really give it much thought at the time.

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Please share your info with support and we can investigate why it’s not copyable:

It may have been originally copied from a template somehow, in which case we can fix that.

@david, I’ve done that, but the advise was to go the duplication route, including downgrading from Pro, duplicating, transferring, upgrading, replacing the sheet, …

And the real problem when transferring a production app (which has some data) is, that both the duplication and copy process ends with an error message, hence you’ll have to hope that the app is still consistent.