All profile links has disappeard - no undo

Hi, went in and changed some things in the app e.g. added new quiz for example. Changed nothing with th profiles but it seems everyone has to redo their profiles now even though they still exist in google spreadsheet they no longer link in the app so when users log in no data is there. Undo doesn’t show up at all and no idea what changes triggered this. What could have gone wrong?

Thanks a lot!

Hi, please. Anyone can help?

Have you check the new “Preview As” feature?

You have to select one of the profiles in order to see the app.

Yes, but no profiles is visible now. Their profiles they have already filled in are lank ven if nothing has been changed and the data sill exist in google sheet

Have you checked that user profiles are linked the the correct sheet?

Does your Profiles sheet contain duplicate rows?

Yes but that’s only because people don’t see their profiles so they create new ones but the new one does not appear either. Even if I remove the profile info it does not reappear. I have a high score list of who has the most point and all that is gone also. It’s like the link between the sheet and app doesn’t work anymore

Haven’t changed any of the linking and it used to work and now it doesn’t