All My Zapier Zaps Have Same Name in Glide

I created 3 different zaps in Zapier and all tested. When I select a zap they all show with the name of the first one I created. Each one is actually different and sends the three different emails but a bit hard to select when all have exactly the same name. Names are different in Zapier.

What’s happening here?

If I recall right, you should be able to state the Zap name in the Glide step.

This should be the Zap name in Glide, not your scenario name.

I usually use webhooks though, we have the ability to send more params.

No, the names are provided from Zapier and show as a drop list. They all have the same name despite being named differently in Zapier. Sounds like a bug. I might report it.

My app is working as I allocated the correct Zaps by trial and error until correct one was allocated for each button in the app.

The names should not be “provided” by Zapier, they should be the “Zapname” field in the screenshot I sent above. If you can send over some screenshots or a video it would help us to know mỏe about your situation.

Here is a screen shot. You have to select from a list of Zaps that are integrated with Glide within Glide

And can you screenshot the Glide Zap step in all these 3 Zaps, with the Zapname variable in the screenshot?

So when I went into the zap to give the screen shots I saw that the Zapname is buried in there and is a different setting to the name that appears in the list I screen shot. All fixed. Sometimes just asking a questions answers the questions.


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Yes, Zapname is the thing you want to change! Great that you have found the solution.