Akeneo & Glide


I’m looking for a way to connect Glide with an Akeneo PIM environment.

What does my “app” needs to do?
Scan a barcode & display some information from the Akeneo datasource (Title, description,…).

Is this possible with GLIDE?


Have you already found a way to connect your database with the Akeneo PIM environment? Is there an API for it?

Hi :slight_smile: - thank you for your response - Yes our database is connected with API calls with the Akeneo PIM; and we can send API calls to Akeneo. We currently do this already to get additional product data out of Akeneo fast & send it to a Magento E-commerce website. The Chatbot pointed us towars zappier; but zappier doesn’t have an Akeneo intragation yet.

We can program/write the API calls ourselfs but; I’ve just didn’t find a way in Glide yet to make those API calls.
Can you point me to the right direction on where to implement those calls?


May we know where you host your database? Is it one of the types of database that you can connect directly to Glide (Google Sheets, Airtable, Excel, BigQuery).


No we don’t wish to connect the database directly to Glide.
We are looking for a way to let a user scan a barcode; search it with an API call in Akeneo; show the data.
I’m assuming this cannot be done with Glide?
I only seem to be able to connect basic datasources like excel.

Kind Regards,
Jonas - BrainwaveZzZ

Does the Akeneo database allow you to query based on a parameter in the URL?