Hi from newbie!

Greetings from Indonesia! Very happy to join the community of Glide users.

I have selected Glide after reviewing and trying various no-code tools and come to believe that Glide has the best balance between power and ease of use, and most promising for my purpose.

I plan to use Glide to develop apps for data gathering for my company’s databases. The backend databases are larger than the capacity normally allowed by Glide but does not offer mobile apps. For this need I have paid particular attention to the API capability of Glide. I hope to set up direct JSON data exchange between Glide apps and the backend DB.

Thanks in advance for the answers to my future request for help!


hello, nice to meet you too…

Welcome to the community!

Glide certainly brings together a great mix of powerful functionality and ease of use. Give it a spin and see all of the great things that you can develop!

Welcome to the community!

Welcome to Glide! :wave:

Welcome. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions. Greetings from fellow SEA nation Vietnam!