Aisle >> Food >> TYPE OF FOOD!?


This app is awesome! So far, I’ve done the Aisle >> Food >> but I want to create another FOLDER, that, let’s say separates the food between type: Organic, Non-Organic, Vegan, etc.

Conceptually, I’m just trying to learn HOW on the Excel sheet to make another final folder to delineate foods. I’m using food as an example, because I learned to do it on this Glide Tutorial here:

Looking forward to a response with this on how to do the UNIQUE feature, etc. Thanks!

Is this separate or part of hierarchy (Aisle >> Food >> Type). I’m guessing separate, so you can either search for food by aisle or search for food by type. In that case, it’s the same thing as David demonstrated. Create a new sheet and use the unique formula in the new sheet, but choose the column from the food sheet that contains the type.