Change to list default setup - Help!

I developed a project based on Glide two years ago.
My initial work used Glide Classic. Now the setup doesn’t appear to work….
There are two screens and in the earlier Classic each items listed showed a clickable arrow next to it which then showed details. Now the List layout has elipses which just provide editing.
Two images:


Are you saying that you are developing a new app as opposed to a Classic App? You can modify the actions on a collection in the Actions tab in the right hand panel.

Yes, it is a new app modelled on the Classic one which works.
This is a UI activity for high school students. Using Google Sheets I have one sheet of supermarket items called Items and the Aisle they are in. A second Google sheet uses =UNIQUE(range) to list the unique Aisle names from the first sheet. Then I used the Inline link formula which Glide suggested to me a few years ago for this:All_items=Items:Aisle:Multiple to display in Glide all the supermarket items that are in that aisle. This no longer works - when the Aisle screen item (say Produce) is clicked, it should list all items in that category. There is however no content.

Here’s the link:

oh wow, that is a long time ago.

It’s much easier now. Go to the Glide Data Editor, and do the following:

  • In your Aisles table, create a multiple relation that matches the Aisle name with the Aisle name in your Items sheet.
  • Use that relation as the source of a Collection in the UI.

I really struggled to get the right idea to structure that at the start. That was freaking 4 years ago.


haha yes, it’s before my time. I only know about it because I’ve seen Jeff talk about it :slight_smile:


Ahh, the good old days.


Okay, let’s just skip all the preamble and go straight to Monty Python :rofl:



I am so grateful Darren for this fast response! Having been indoctrinated in the beginning to the earlier method (quite abstract!) and only using Glide for this one UI activity with students, I was not aware of the change. You’re right! That is so much easier! Again, my humble thanks.