Airtable: is there a way to show and edit related records to a main table without defining a row owner?

I have two tables in Airtable, table one has defined “row owner” who will see their records in the view.

Certain table two rows are connected to table one by a “linked record”. The “row owner” identifier does not exist in table two.

I wish to show and edit just the linked table 2 records for the row owner.

Is there a way to do so?

It is possible by doing a lookup of the email of the first table into the second table and then making that email as the row owner

I assume by “lookup” here, you mean a lookup on the Airtable side?

For people reading this thread later, a Glide lookup column can’t be used as a row owner, since it’s a computed column.

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Yes on the Airtable side.
Expanding: using a lookup for the email via the “linked record” field in table 2 in Airtable

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