Airtable attachment field changes

Haven’t seen a post about this yet here.

With the changes to the Airtable attachments field on Nov 8 will there be any impact on Glide? As links are going to be changing every two hours from my understanding, will this impact the use of attachments when used to store pictures, files etc? My assumption is no as Glide updates every 15 or so minutes however if it’s cached it could cause problems.

Does the URL change completely? If that’s so I think it’ll be fine. It’s when the content of a URL changes but the URL doesn’t that you would have a problem (but there are workarounds for that).

Yes from my understanding it’s the entire url that changes

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Hey @ThinhDinh !
Do you have any updates on this ?
I heard somewhere that this Airtable attachment field change shouldn’t have any impact in Glide but I wanted to be sure :slight_smile:

Sorry, I haven’t used Airtable as my backend for Glide but from the exchange with Justin above, if the entire URL changes, it should have no impact.

Looking through this it seems like there shouldn’t be any issue. Will respond back after the change to update the thread. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @ThinhDinh @justinjmp that sounds perfect :slight_smile:

Updating here as per Glide’s recent announcement.

Attachments stored in Airtable bases connected to Glide will automatically be stored in Glide. The attachments will count towards your Glide team’s file storage quota.

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