Our project safe from Airtable updates?

Hi all,

We’ve built a Customer App that allows users to upload photos that connects to our separate Designer App by using relations columns and a rel/working tab – they fill out a form, upload their photo, and when they hit “Save,” it adds a new row to the Photos spreadsheet that is Row Owner assigned to them through their Order Number.

They can go back and edit / view / delete their photos as well.

Airtable just released an update saying that photos will be introducing expired links, and will no longer be allowed to be “displayed” from their spreadsheets after 2 hours. Glide let us know, but said they would move photos to a Glide table instead.

Are we safe from this update, or will Airtable make it impossible to display photos?
Do I need to set up a new Glide table with the same function, or will Glide do this for us?

Images uploaded through glide are stored in glide’s storage. Only the url is written to the table. Since a url is just text, I doubt airtable would be updating data in your table without your knowledge. I assume the expiring links issue would only affect images stored in airtable’s storage.


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