After you create the app in glide, what's next?

After you create the app in glide, what’s next?

Create another one :grin:


Use it…share it…enjoy it…sell as a template…


Give me idea? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I mean you publish it somewhere for ppl to use it or sell it as a template? What options are there?

So you just share the link to app , so people can open it in phone and use?

Those who are selling it and making it workable app to get orders, don’t they have it published somewhere?
or just sharing link?
(I am not able to see it on my phone though after i scanned the qr code)

Just share the published url. If you have a pro account, you can use a custom domain. These are Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s), so they are designed to work as a website that can be installed as an app. There is no need to mess with an app store.

Like your blog app, the link you have shared in the forum is your app. It’s already out there for the world to see and use.

Are you scanning the QR code from within the builder? I would scan it when the app is opened from the published url. The QR code only contains the link from whichever url you are viewing it from at the time.

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okay okay got it.


Bombarded :grinning:

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