Advice for showing (and querying) "lots" of attributes

So let’s imagine I have an app that describes a person.
There are a TON of “atomic” attributes about each person
Name, Gender, Age, Religion, Weight, Favorite food, Favorite plant, Favorite vacation destination, Eye color, etc…

Without getting into the pros/cons of normalizing the data (e.g., a sheet/tab for “physical characteristics”…a sheet/tab for “favorites”…etc)

(1) What is the best way to DISPLAY this content (tabs for each? one long list ( :frowning: )?

(2) Does Glide provide a way to query this data?
(eg. “show me all people with blue eyes who love pizza”?)

I know there are really 3 questions here…but all input is appreciated.

Thank you

Have a choice component writing to a user-specific column to let users toggle between the “Categories”, I guess.

Yes you can use dynamic filters.