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Describe the bug:
So perhaps this is or is not a bug due to someone catching it; however it can become quite annoying to say the least. If you have an Advanced Actions setup with many if/else statements after the screen edge has been reached it starts to cut off the actions. The only viable solution that I have used as a work around is to zoom out. However, if you scroll back over to the left then return back to the right edge you then have to zoom out even farther and so on.

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One workaround I found is to add an additional if statement to the very end of screen as a place holder. Then you could edit the if statement that is two from the right :wink:

To add to this sometimes I can not see the bottom of webhook values on my laptop. (Especially if webhook has many fields and the action is 5 or 6 actions down) To resolve I need to move the browser window to a bigger monitor and then I could see all my add and edit options for webhook. I will try zooming out next time…

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maybe create a support ticket for this… cc @SantiagoPerez

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Hola @Daniel_Canup

We are aware of this and will be working on a better way to display the action soon.


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