Add new Webhook dissapears

Every time I try to click and add a new webhook the popup for typing in the name and URL dissapears when clicked.


Yup. I have that too. Rather than clicking use TAB to move between the fields in the dialog.


I thought I was the only one doing that :joy:

The bug has been there ever since webhook action got released


Didn’t even realized using Tab would work, I faced this bug in the compound action, had to go back to the main screen, add a webhook action to save the webhook there.


How do you save the action?
With Tab I can move, I enter the name, I enter the url, but if I press the “save” button everything disappears anyway

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BTW: It´s only in the CREATE ACTION! In the normal direct Action it works!

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Genius :+1: :sweat_smile: Good idea!

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You need to tab to the save button then hit enter

I still get this bug. I cannot tab to Save button for some reason.
Link to video

When can this be fixed?

If you do it as a Custom Action (‘Create new action…’), you won’t have this problem.


Wow, new user here and just had the same problem. Now I see this was reported 7 month ago and still exists?! Well, at least I found a workaround here.


I think you can submit a bug. Which I might also do when I have time. Or I can upvote your one… :smiling_face: