Addresses Not Lining Up


I have addresses that have East or West in them, but it’s not displaying the correct location on my maps. For example, 123 West 8th Street, when I click into it for Google Maps, it’s placing me at 123 8th Street, negating the West.

What if you move ‘West’ after ‘Street’?

Not sure if that will work as that’s not how addresses are written.

We have many ‘East’ and ‘West’ Streets, and they are always in that format 123 West 82nd Street. 456 East 23rd Street.

That’s how addresses are written in my part of the country. :wink:

As far as I know, either way is acceptable. I’ve written it both ways and the mail still gets there, but Mapbox seems to be really picky, so I figured it was something to try.

Or is it possible that there is no East equivalent, so google just truncates it. Just throwing out ideas.

Oh haha, If I type it in Google it goes to the correct location. Its just from the app map to Google, something gets messed up. These addresses are also being entered by someone else so they will enter it how we use it here.

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Ok, I might have figured it out, the person enterted the incorrect zipcode. I remember having the issue with another address however, will have to see which it was.


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