Adding view cart after adding item to cart

Hi Team almost done with APP finally

I am struggling how can I have a button and view that shows up after a user adds item to cart

I want something like this one

Hi @Valentine_Madzhie

This might be a useful thread: Custom CART FUNCTION with/without payment button

A feature request for this feature: Link to shopping cart

Also check out some topics related to designing and floating buttons. It might help you achieve this specific design.

Are you using Glide’s Built-in cart/buy button?

No I am using a custom-built cart

You’d need to create a relation between the item ID of the item to the Item ID in your cart. On the screen, you can create a button that links to screen using the relation. Add a text component with the verbiage you’d like. Set the visibility of both components to only be visible if the relation is not empty.

okay first time I hear of relation let me watch a tutorial and make it work

Yeah…relation components = Magic in Glide apps.