Adding images to Items

Hi there,

It’s my first day working on the GlideApps, and it is the greatest no-code mobile app builder I tried so far!

But I have a small issue with my specific use case

So, I’m trying to create a live football score app(using API data), and I would like to add club logos alongside the club names.

I can only use the Avatar item to show the “Leauge” logo, but I would like to have logos for club names too.

Like in this dashboard:


Actually, I have a “Relation” type of column named “Flag” in database which has my desired look, but seems like I can’t get the “Relation” column type in app Design.

Please check the first reply to see the screenshot of it.

Does anyone know a workaround for this?

Thank you!

Flag “Relation” column on my table

My current look: