Adding Geolocation

My app needs to confirm that users are on task by being able to pin their current location while using the app. they currently are going to addresses listed and conducting a survey, but they may go to another location for lunch and take an extra long break, or be traveling from one section to another, and that would explain their inactive time. how can i incorporate this feature, as i see geolocation is an available option

So you need to be able to view where the user is anytime you, as the admin, want to check where they actually is?

Yes, correct. So if our analytics show that they have been working 2 hours and only visited 2 homes on the same street, I would like to be able to pull up their location to verify they have been working

This seems to be a case that you would need to log their location everytime they start working at a new home to keep track of their work. It would kill your row counts, that’s my biggest concern.

Is it possible to track their active time and downtime within the app instead to provide a metric of how “ontask” they are?

By “active time”, do you mean the time they actively open the app on their device? I don’t know if Google Analytics offers something like that, but in Glide I don’t think you have a reliable way to do so.

Okay, is there possibly a way to have them sort of clock in and out?

Yes, theoretically you can ask them to click a button and record the “current time” in a logs table.

Thank you!

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