Adding an webhook to an upload Add function

Im uploading an image from my app & it needs to trigger a webhook which carries the URL of the image. Im using Integromat as my webhook receiver.
I can’t see any actions around the “Add” function in the tab.
Is there another way?

You need to use the “Trigger Webhook” action to send that URL to Integromat.

Make sure you create a webhook node in Integromat beforehand, and copy the webhook URL to the “Trigger Webhook” action in Glide.

Thanks. I’ve done this with some features in the app, but I can’t locate where to attach the action command in the upload feature / Add.

You go back to the “Add form” section on the right and choose the “On submit” action. You can configure your action there and it’ll trigger once you submit the form.

Thank you @ThinhDinh
That worked.

When the webhook sends the Image URL, it send the URL string. It doesn’t send the variable name as well. For example, I want it to send. “ImageURL” as the variable name and then “Https://{URL Goes here}”

When the data comes over to Integromat, I can’t map it and the URL constantly changes. I need a static variable name as well. Hope that makes sense.

Shouldn’t you be able to add that as the left-hand side variable in the webhook action?

Like this with ImageURL on the left and your actual string on the right. I assume you’re using the actual URL string on both sides?

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Boom. Fixed.
Thank you.
Yes, i was using the URL strings on both sides.

Thanks alot

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