Adding Administrator Access/Editing rights

Hello, I am new to the Community. I amwanting to give Admin Access to my App to my Administrative Assistant. I have watched the video here. What I have done so far:

  1. Duplicated my App-using same Sheet source
  2. Added “Allow user to edit” under the Edit button in Components.
  3. Under “settings/Privacy” I added “limit access by password” and entered in a Password.

I simply want to add one other person to have editing rights to the App. How does she sign in using the password that I have created in the Privacy setting. I am not getting clarification on this with the videos.

Hi @Stacey_Lang :wave:

Setting “limit access by password” will limit the access to the users of your app: they will need to insert a password that you shared with them to display the content of the app. This has to do with accessing your app altogether.

If you would like your administrative assistant to also be able to have access to the builder of your app to edit how the app is built (data, design, settings), this is something entirely different.

If you want to let your assistant enter the app to change some of the data displayed (the data in your Google Sheets or Glide Data Editor), this would be another use case which you could address with “user profiles” and “rights”.

Different use cases, different solutions. Clarify which is your use case and someone will help :slight_smile:

Thank you, Nathan.
I believe your scenario #2 best fits my need. I want my Assistant to have full access to edit data, build components, change settings, upload images, etc…


In that case, you probably need to create an organization. In your Glide dashboard (where you see a mosaic of your apps), lower left hand corner, you can create an “Organization”. Typically an organization are for teams of builders.

You can move an app from your “My apps” folder to your “Organization’s” folder, but as far as I know you cannot move apps the other way.

Also, make sure the pricing structure suits you.

See the section on “Organizations”:

Organizations are now simpler and free to use
Previously, Glide Organizations offered unlimited private apps for $8/user. Organizations also had some confusing limitations—you could not create any free apps within an org, or pay annually. Many customers told us that they did not understand orgs.
Today we’re completely reinventing Orgs: they are now just folders for your apps, to which you can add unlimited collaborators for free. If you want to collaborate on apps—even Personal apps—just create an Organization and invite people to it.
This new unified pricing & billing system will also help us simplify moving apps to/from/between orgs.

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