Adding a Reply feature to Chat just like WhatsApp

In case anyone is interested to add a Reply feature to chat, I’m happy to share an option:

It works like the first image… you can see that a couple of replies have been posted. Each reply includes the original message followed by the new reply.

I won’t describe in great detail, but in short, you enable an action called ‘Reply’ for the items in the Chat, which will Open a new screen for this item (in reality, when a user taps and holds a message, this will open an option to reply). You can mimic this by right mouse clicking in the layout view.

You then have a new slide-in screen as shown, which displays the original author, their original message followed by a text input box that rights to an additional column for ‘that items’ row, e.g. ReplyContent.

In the data editor you should add a template column as shown with the html script shown. You then replace the 3 values shown. This generates some neat formatting in the Chat window. Hitting select adds a new row to the Chat list and uses the template column as the message text.

It works really nicely and even adds the little vertical bar just like WhatsApp.


It’s a work in progress to handle people that want to ‘reply to replies’… need some extra trickery to prevent the html text being pulled in to the new reply… working on that :slight_smile:

This is an awesome hack!


Oh that’s really cool! Great job @Simon_Hill

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