Chat per tab option?

It would be helpful in some situations to have chats per tab vs for the whole app.

Using the smart conference app as an example, it might be good to have chatrooms in addition to the chat for the entire conference app.

The chat contents and attendees for each would likely be different.

You can add a chat component to any page you want and it will be separate from the global chat. This is currently possible.

@Jeff_Hager it’s really a comment component. It would be great to have it look like chat.

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Wow! I had no idea … thanks!

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Sorry, I had the wrong component name in my head. Isn’t the functionality exactly the same between the comment component and the chat tab? You could put the comment component on a page by itself and I would think that it would work and look the same as the global chat tab.

I don’t think it looks the same, but yes. It is very similar. It even stores it in the same tab on the google sheets.

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Yeah, looks like you are correct. It’s a little bit different layout.

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Would be more what I am looking for if it had a reply option on each comment to create a dialogue thread.