Adding a extra row

With a BUTTON I add an extra row. Instead of an empty row, he makes a copy of the first row. What am I doing wrong.

I actually want to make a choice from a table.

probably instead of adding a new row, your action should be open a new form screen?


Seems like a good idea. I’m going to work on it. You’ll hear from me.

Now I get the following problem. I’m missing data in the row. How can you put this data in the row. They come from two different sheets.

can you do a loom video of how your app works and what you’re trying to do?

can you send again the reply-adress for the loom video

i see you keep struggling with the same problem over and over again, I would suggest for you to open a testing app and practice multiple relations, it is not an easy task to master in the beginning, but once you practice it, it will become natural


in your sample, you did not explain what data you are missing… are you adding a row to the same sheet that you are on at the moment?

Uzo finally found videos in glide learn where I can learn something. Did everything with try and error so far. Going through the videos tomorrow and hope to learn a lot from them. Then I also hope that the questions will decrease.