Add to List - setting a field to a default

I have a list of items that the user can add to.

Ideally, the item will go through a set of statuses Draft > Open > Closed

Using a Button Action I can use “Set Columns” to set the status using a Template column value. And the new Actions can kick off a Zap … hurrah for Actions :slight_smile:

What I can’t do is set the field to “Draft” when it is created. I can set the owner using a “Special Value” but just can’t work out how to default something.

Can’t update a template column, so it can’t be that. Maybe empty = “draft” ?

Any pointers would be great, thanks.

I hope that someday we have the option to set a column value by typing it in within actions. Are you using a Form Button or the Add function to add records? Depending on how your app is set up (a form for example), you should be able to create a template column with the default value in the sheet the is being used to display the form button. Then you can pass that default value through the form/add-row/set-column and write it to the final destination sheet.

Thanks. I am using the Add function, but can’t see how to add this.

I can set up a field on the form and then hide it, but it doesn’t then get updated. Am I missing something on setting up the Add function ?

In a form you have the Column Value components which allow you to pull values from the parent sheet and pass then to the form sheet without having to display anything on the screen. I believe the same is true for setting values from the parent sheet row when using the set columns or add row actions.

However, the Add function does not give you the option for Column Values, because when you select the Add function, you are not view a specific row. Only a list of row, so there isn’t specific details from a single row that it can pull from. There is the option though to set up User Profiles and then in your user profile sheet, you can create a template column with the value of ‘Draft’. The Add function will allow you pass through values from the user profile much the same as how Column Values works.

So if you plan the use the Add function (plus/add button at the top right of the screen), then I would recommend the template column in the user profile sheet and just pass that template value through to the sheet you are adding to.


Not sure about this as I haven’t tested, but would a text entry with a default value, then set visibility condition to hidden work here? I assume it would?

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I’d have to test that out too. I’m not sure if hiding an entry component holds on to the default value. Something to try though. It would be much simpler.

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I did try that, and it doesn’t work.

Did you try the other methods I posted?

Argh, I was staring at those User Profile columns wondering if I could set all my Profile Names to “Default”. And completely missed the obvious option of adding a new one.

Thank you :slight_smile:

So I can now set Owner and Status on the built in List “Add”



@NigelG it’s great when you work something out and get the results you need. Nice one :point_up:

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