Form help - Set Columns writes to every column, even those set to custom

I have a form that is supposed to set only the columns I specify and leave the others blank (the number of columns set depends on the condition in the action). However, when I use the Set Columns action, the form writes to ALL the columns, even those that have been set to ‘Custom’, i.e. blank.

If I switch to an Add Row action it works perfectly (with all other settings exactly the same). But adding a row now gives me two rows being written at once - the Add Row plus the one the form adds by default.

I tested a Set Columns action minus the conditions and am still getting every column filled.

I assume this an on submit action? You don’t want to do “Add row” inside a form, the form already adds a row for you, also you won’t want to do a “Set column”, this will bring up performance issues since the row might not be created in time for the set column to fire correctly.

If you just need to set default values to some columns, add text entry/number entry inside the form, set a default value for them, then hide the entry components using a condition that will never be true.


For setting a timestamp you could use a ‘special value column’ —> current date time.

For the logged in user name you could use a ‘user profile column’ —> name

Thank you! For some reason I’ve always used the Set Column action in forms, it’s always worked but anyway this has solved the issue.


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Sorry, I know I have marked this as solved but I can only get it to work if I never want certain columns to write at all. In that case, it’s fine. But what if I want their default value added sometimes, when a condition is met? This would need to be done with an action, not just within the form. Underneath the If action, there has to be the follow up action. If ‘set column’ is not chosen, then how else do I specify which columns to write based on the condition?

Update - instead of having all the conditions within a single form, I changed the ‘open form’ action to a custom action that opened a separate form for each condition. From there I set up each one as per @ThinhDinh’s post. All good now :+1:

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