Add To Home Screen for Custom Domains

I recently bought the pro version of glide apps to add custom domain functionality. I followed the glideapps dns settings ( & added the respective dns values to redirect to the glide apps. However, add to home screen functionality is not popping up from my custom domain but it’s working fine when visited through When I add to home screen from my custom domain - I see a small chrome icon. What am I missing?

Do you have any tabs in your app, or is it just a single page? I think they is a bug where the app isn’t recognized as a PWA if there are no tabs.

I have 5 tabs & 2 menus. I can DM the link if needed

Seems related to Add To Home Screen for Custom Domains

We’ll look into it.

I was able to get the link before you removed it. Same issue here on Android. There’s another post about manifests that may be related.

Has this been resolved?

It seems to be resolved for android, I haven’t checked for iOS.