Add submission form

Hi, Im making an event listings app. Im teaching myself as I go. I want to make a page where users can submit a listing to be added. But I need to vet it first. Ive been trying to figure it out. I’m stumped.

You can try using a form for that.

Do you also need the listing to be approved before being listed to the public?

Yes, I do.

Then you would need to define roles for your users as well. Say an Admin can approve those, and Users can only submit - then wait for Admin’s approval.

In the listings table, have a boolean column called “Approved?”. Have a screen for admins to show listings that don’t have that column as checked. Give them a switch, checkbox or a button to approve the listing.

On the public screen, only show listings that have that column checked.

If Admins can also submit listings, make that column checked by default if you want.


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