Add Row vs Set Column Question

Hi guys!
I am building an app which allows members of a specific team edit the most current details about a particular set of metrics. I have 20 sets of metrics with a Details screen for each. As it is, when a new member edits the existing details, I am using Add Row to create a new row which has a date stamp and who edited it.

My question is whether Add Row is best to use or if Set Columns would be better to use. Can someone share with me the advantages of using Add Row over Set Columns or vice versa? thank you

Hi, very first thoughts on advantages of each:

  • Add row: enable to keep the whole history of changes if it is important for you
  • Set columns: keep only the last change, but save rows …

Using Add Row will use more rows but maintain an audit trail for review and reporting.

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do you believe I would then need to do anything more to the details screen to make sure it has the most current info? Should I be filtering it by date? trying to wrap my mind around it… thank you

In this scenario I would probably use a single value column to get the last row from the sheet of updates.


Do you need to track the history of changes or just to have the last change?

  • If it’s the 2nd option, you can use the “set column”
  • If it’s the 1st option, and you want to save rows, I wonder if there is something to do with the “Trebuchet” method from @Lucas_Pires (but that I don’t master unfortunately): if I got it well, it enables to store different data input in 1 single cell instead of rows.
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