Add row in Action adds multiple rows

Add row called from Action actually ads multiple rows.
And then, if I delete the rows from data editor, they reappear when Add row is called again.
Also, the data that data editor shows in those rows is not being propagated in Google Sheets.

My app’s URL:

Hello, can you please show us with a video?

If you scroll down to the end of your Google Sheet, is the data there?

Are you adding the rows twice because you’ve also set the On Submit action? You do not need to configure this action for your Add screens.

Hi David,

Loom was pixelating the video, so here is a dropbox link:

Plus a short follow-up:

AddRow inserts correctly only one row in Google Sheets but then the row is not updated with data entered in the Glide screen.

I have no OnSubmit action anymore, but a Go back.
I had an “Done” button in the Add screen with action to Set columns (I need to also clear a field) and then go back, but I deleted it.


Same problem on my end. When Using “Add Row” functionality with Glide sheets it duplicates the entry. Not sure what the cause is

Are you using a form and did you add an add row action on submit on top of the form, which already adds a row on it’s own?

@Jeff_Hager I am Using a form and its native “Add” button in the top right. See the short clip of what I am doing.

Posted a private video on YouTube

Yep, you added an ‘Add Row’ action on submit of the form. Forms already add rows inherently (that is what they are designed to do). Adding another action to add a row is just redundant to what a form is already designed to do. Just remove the Add Row action and it will add only one row. With your Add Row action On Submit, you are telling it to add a second row after the first row is added.

You’ll notice that your second duplicate row doesn’t have the mp3 link. That’s because your Add Row action doesn’t fill that column, but the original form does add it because you already specified which columns to fill when laid out your form.

@Jeff_Hager … aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I see where the mistake is - Thank you kind!

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