Add Math Formula using data from different tables


I have two tables, one for the Item Details and the other table for Fees.

I’m trying to add a formula to calculate the total fees in the item details table by taking the cost and multiplying it to the Fee from the other table but i can’t get the option for that formula.

I added the fees to the Item Details table using a Lookup column and the rate is getting pulled up from the fees table but it’s still not allowing me to input a math formula.

Thanks in advance for the help

This should be quite straight forward, but could you please add a screen shot of the two tables so that I can get an accurate visualisation?

This is the setup.

Basically, i need to multiply Gross Purchase with the STT Rate in the Fees table and output the Result in the Purchase STT Column

Okay, I see.

What you can do is replace your STT lookup column with a Single Value column. You will then be able to use the resultant value in your Math formula.

This assumes that you will only ever have one row in your fees table, that is, the same fees will be applied to every row in your Share table.

Ok, sorry for this request but I can’t seem to find that SINGLE VALUE
option anywhere.

Could you point me to any relevant document?

It’s a column type, so you’re searching in the wrong place.

Thanks for the assist.

Mucho Gracias.

I managed to get it working with your assistance. Cant thank you enough.


Excellent :+1:

Let us know if you need help with anything else.