Add SUMTOTAL into one table (added from another Table for Each Same USERID add total (from rows)


Wondering best way for a User to get TOTAL points into User Table that comes from the SUM of their TOTAL points from another table (that is from more than 1 row)

Table 1 - Column ‘Points’ = Sum(Table 2 - Column ‘Points’) for each row of User.

Tried using MATH feature in a new field for Table 1 - however cannot see how I can get sum total from a different table (Table 2) and put that total into Table 1 (for that same user)

Think I am getting closer - tried Lookup → It returns all the values. I guess if I have another column I should just add up these numbers. Will see how that goes.


Do you have a column in the second table that identifies the User, and is a matching value for a column in the Users table? (eg. their email address?)

Assuming yes, then create a multiple relation in your Users table that matches that value with the same column in your Points table. Then create a rollup column to sum the points through that relation.

I can try that. I did get correct values per user in the lookup so was hoping I could wrap a SUM around the lookup in the same table for a total. Not been able to do that.
Is there a maximum number of entries a ‘lookup’ record can hold? Such as 255? Or any known performance issues when this number starts getting large such as over 200 items in the record?

The size limit for any single cell is 1MB, or roughly 1 million characters.

The canonical way to do what you are asking is using the method I described. If that doesn’t work for you, please add some screen shots so we can help you troubleshoot it.

Thanks. Note I resolved the above. Used the simple rollup suggestion.


Seem to have quick responses and smart people to support this great product. My last question for this evening.

I am trying to SUM a total of points for different groups.
Group A 12 points
Group B 5 points
Group C 33 points

Now Table 1 has the Group and column to store the Total Points that are SUMMED
from Table 2.
Table 2 has different rows of people that are each in a particular Group
Bill 10 points (Group A)
Fred 2 points (Group A)
Joe 4 points (Group B)
Phil 1 point (Group B)
Nelly 30 points (Group C)
Michael 1 point (Group C)
Dave 2 points (Group C).

How using lookup/rollup/sum etc can I get sum up by Groups (from Table 2) then pass the value of each Group into Table 1? Struggling with this one. My last thing for this evening.

I assume you have the Group Name in both tables, yes?

If yes, it’s basically the same deal.
Create a multiple relation in table 1 that matches the group name with the group name in table 2, then use a rollup through that relation.

Side issue on this read below… brainiacs?

Issue: trying to SUM different column value from rows (where 2 columns are the same value)

I am working from 1 table to do this as all data exists.

Each Row has a column called “GroupTotal”

“GroupTotal” is calculated from adding up (Sum) Integer value from “Points” column
where (Column A = ‘abc’ and Column B = ‘xyz’)

I am not sure how I can get ALL the GroupTotals calculated on the above for each Row.

Output should be that GroupPoints are totalled dynamically:

Column A Column B Points GroupPoints ie calculated by sum
abc xyz 5 14 5+6+3
abc xyz 6 14 5+6+3
abc lmn 2 5 2+3
abc lmn 3 5 2+3
def xyz 4 12 4+8
def lmn 4 4 4
abc xyz 3 14 5+6+3
def xyz 8 12 4+8

What steps can I take as getting confused now with lookup/relation/rollup/sum etc and spent 1 hour and not getting closer to understand logical steps to get the Group line totals! (where matching 2 column row values)

I don’t have time to help you with this right now, but I’ll tag @Jeff_Hager and @ThinhDinh

Chances are either of them will be around later and should be able to help you.

In the meantime, your description isn’t entirely clear, so it would be really helpful if you could add a couple of screen shots of the tables concerned. It’s always easier to visualise (and explain) the solution if we can see what the tables look like.

The key table values (inserted first 12 lines)

Need to workout calculation (Sum) for ‘GrandTotal’ on each row.

The additional following requirement that leads after this will be how I can show those GrandTotal points in a list for only the 1 selected Challenge (with each time in the list).

Still not sure I follow, but it sounds like you need a template column that joins Challenge Name and URL Team together. Then you use a relation column to link that template to itself. Finally you can use a rollup column with that relation.


Took me a while however got this to work as per your suggestion. Thank you.

Note the 2 x 64 points. Perfect example it is working. All rows calculate correctly.

Now I need to see if I can get this to unqiue display in a Leaderboard!!! Wish me luck.
ie: Remove duplicate entry (the 64) and show only points for specific challenge.

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