Add Logo to Sign In Screen CSS

Hi Community,

Is there any way to inject custom CSS into the Sign In screen or add a logo in a specific place?

I want to add a logo as below:

Currently the only options are to:

  1. Replace the App Name Text with the Logo
  2. Use a background image that will be overlayed with text

Is there any way to place a logo as described in the screenshot above?

Thanks for your help!

The only way I “found” to do it it’s uploading an image background with the logo in the image in Sign in screen (available only for PRO Team plan)


As Lucas said, there’s no option to apply CSS on the sign-in screen, so you have to get creative with your image background, and make sure it works for all devices, which is tricky.


Makes sense, thanks guys!

Would be nice in future to get more traditional customization options to this but can understand the rationale on the flip side.

C’est la vie!

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