Add delay block inside Glide custom actions

I have faced an odd issue recently and searching around found other users experiencing the same.

Delay in sending data to webhook.

In short, depending on how complex your calculated column is (on glide sheets our google sheets) when triggering a zap or a webhook there is a short delay while processing the variables and glide end up passing a null value to those variables which in turn makes the action fail because the null values breaks the subsequent steps.

As per the previous link, what I ended up doing was adding a bunch of useless actions between by glide trigger and the trigger webhook/ zap just so it takes longer to process and glide has some time to correctly process my variables , populate them in the tables and then send them to ZAP /webhook. That way It does not end up sending null values if the variable is no processed. (Just a few Ms of delay solved the issue)

Feature Request:

  • Add a delay / wait block in glide custom apps.

Many custom processes in other tools (zapier , N8N, power automate, etc) have this feature, so you can better time your actions and in this case you can give time for fields to be calculated, you can delay screen changes or message pop ups, there are many uses for this feature !

This feature has already been requested:

Iā€™d encourage you to add your comments (and vote) to the existing feature request. Creating a new one just splits the votes, and the discussion.

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well, i guess that topic not exactly the same.
there too much think about use Integromat and google sheet.
for now such clue can kill all update resorses