Add data to new sheet tab

Hi guys

How can I allow a user to click an image and it is added to a different tab.

Something like when you add to item to cart then clock cart that item is there.

I am doing a app for client where we trying to get to see which is the favorite Alcohol brand they own so when a user sayd add to collection the picture should appear in collection and when I click collection it is there

So after user clicks, at the back end you want to see that as a new “like” for the alcohol brand, is that correct?

So as the click 4he button to add to favorites I need the next screen to show all the favorite Alcohol they added.

You see like how you would add an item to cart something like that so on my backend I would be able to see which is the mosted added alcohol brand

You would need a form to record all those choices to the back end for this to happen, because if you keep it in the app using Favorites or another type of user-specific column, you can’t know how many adds have happened.

Yes I need help on how to go about it