How To Add Users To Other's Favorites

How do I go about adding users(merchants) to other user’s favorite. It appears that the amount of information on this has shrink compared to a couple years ago and it seems that the Glide team hasn’t added a Favs components to Apps.

I’ve seen post saying to add a Boolean to the table but that doesn’t seem to work for multiple favorites.

Example, User decides to add Store A to their favorites. They see Store B and would like to added it to their favorites as well. This becomes a problem as Store A is replaced by Store B since it can only hold one.

Why not? If you add a user specific boolean column to the table of items you want a user to favorite, then a user can set any number of those items as a favorite, and it doesn’t interfere with other users. This is exactly how the old favorites feature used to work, which was nothing more than a user specific boolean column.

When displaying the favorites, it’s simply a matter of filtering the rows where the boolean is checked.

I think its best to show my progress

Here is the set up for the button

Here is another store that I would like to add to my Favs but the space is already taken up by the first store. So its asking me if I would like to remove it instead

In my table, you can see that the roll up is counting the number of Favs as two(there is only one) and its shared across all users instead of the specific user.

Why are you setting a boolean value in your user profile instead of setting it in the Items table? Which table is your Rollup count looking at?

The reason is because I’m not trying to add products/items but Users that are listed as merchants.

The Favorites tab right next to it.

I feel like there is a misunderstanding here. Let’s back up and start over. First explain your table structure and the purpose of each table. Then explain what exactly you are trying to favorite. I see a favorite button on an item detail screen, but you are saying you don’t want to favorite the item, but instead favorite the merchant that owns that item? What is “items” exactly? Is it merchants or products?

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So let’s ignore the items tables for now I think this won’t trip you up as much. Yeah lets just act like it doesn’t exist. This would makes things easier.

It appears that I cropped the tables out so it doesn’t show what table I’m on. My bad. The table I’m currently on is Users on the screenshot. Also, the detailed screen isn’t an item but a merchant/user. I’m trying to add their profile to a non-merchant users’ Favorites.

I guess that still leads me to my original suggestion. It looks like you have a user specific boolean column in your user table. That’s good. Just set the boolean to true for the merchant user you want to favorite in the “This Item” row. Don’t set it in the user profile row. That is your personal row as the signed in user. Fix your action first to point to the correct row (This Item).

I’m lost at this point. Can you provide a table as example?

Why are you setting the boolean in the user profile row of the signed in user instead of the row of the merchant you are viewing? This is the part that should be changed?

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So, it worked! Guess I was over complicating it

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