Add components to the rest of the view styles

Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to add components to the rest of the view styles (List, Compact, mosaic, calendar, map, checklist and cards) since if we wanted to enter text or another element to decorate even more the app, we would add a lot of value to our views. Thank you so much

If you want to mix/match components, then you need to start with a Details layout. This provides maximum flexibility.


It has to be a Details layout, other layouts can be integrated using inline lists.

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I do like mosaic idea though

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I want real mosaic, like offset mosaic.


:thinking: Hello friend, how would that be? I do not realize. Thank you

Yes, you are right about it. What surprises me is that if we start to develop in “details” format, all the elements that we include, the styles of view will be removed. For example: if we start to develop in view “, detail” (the elements disappear in reverse), first the details icon disappears, then the cards icon disappears, then the checklist icon, and so on), it is possible make it so right? Thank you all for your answers and your help. Best regards

It’s a feature request; not an actual released feature

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My #1 request here is to get the progress bar to be part of the tile/card view.