Add Chrono and score to a labyrinth/quizz app

Hello Gliders,

Currently working on an app for the company of a friend in France. They are doing ‘‘Corn Labyrinths’’ for childs and adults. So we started working on a app with questions (about animals, agriculture, region etc…) that giving helping direction , here you can use the app in developpement : (french part is more developped)

I am currently working on the content of question, but there are some things that look difficult to add :

  • We want a timer that launch at the beginning of the labyrinth and it is unstoppable until the end (by password of qr code at the end of labyrinth for example). Is there a way to increment chronometer that is visible on every question and don’t stop ? Maybe with code in rich text ?

  • Same problem with incrementing a score that will add points everytime the answer is right.

  • Back phone button, we found a way with rich text to hide back button after user has answered :

     [data-test=“back-button”]{ display: none }
    But on androids phone there is always back button that allow to go back and do the question again.

So if you have any solutions for these functionnalities, with code or not, it will be a lot of help.
Thank you !

You can record the start time and then use a math column to calculate the elapsed time from Now() and display the calculation in near real time on the screen as they progress.

You should be able to use an increment action to add points.

I would probably say that you best option is design the app so even if they do hit the back button, it won’t reset their session. I would recommend considering the fact that there is a slight chance that the app could restart for the user, so if it’s set up properly, they won’t lose their place even if the hit the back button, or accidentally close it, or it spontaneously restarts. So rather than directing a user through a particular path through the app, you set values that will control visibility of tabs or screen components for checkpoints, or other labyrinths. Once those values are set, then there is no way for the user to go back and make another selection. If you are creative enough, you could get away with only one or two screens with a bunch of visibility conditions. Then there wouldn’t be a back button for the user to tap on.


Hi Jeff, thank you for your reply.

Currently the most work i need to do is to have functional questions so i will try add timer and score after.

I really need help on something. When i edit a screen, it impact all the others.

For example, if i work on a question with the choice of 10 answers, it will also add answers (or buttons) to other questions.

I have done 4 glide sheet for 4 labyrinth and it is maybe why. Do i need to do a google/glide sheet for every question ?

Hard to say without knowing more about how your data and app are designed and set up. If done correctly, you should be able to pull all questions and answers for different labryinths from one or two sheets. Unless you have some crazy design differences for each question, then you can explore using Independent Screen Configuration, but if you are not using that, it’s important to remember that detail layouts are always tied to the table to that they are attached to.

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Thank you for your answer Jeff. Yes all questions are different in terms of number of answers, number of image and yes Independent Screen Configuration is the solution. But it add a new problem, it creates empty paths. For example if i am on Question 1 and there is 4 answers it creates me 4 differents screens (1 succesful with hint, and the three others with wrong) that open the ‘‘choose your point screen’’ (minus the one you take before because it’s filtered) but if you choose those points again it’s empty and need to make again design and tell glide where to find the information.

Sorry if it’s not clear enough and i can’t share template because it’s for the company of a friend but Right now it looks like a giant probability tree (questionsXanswersXquestions-1) and represent a lot of work.

The solution i am looking for is that everytime someone answer right or wrong, he has the possibility to come back to the same ‘‘choose your point screen’’ and just formatting 8 questions for each labyrinth.