Add Bible to App

I’m trying to add the bible as a tab to my app. How might I go about this? API? script? I know a link would be a route…

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Would a link with a webview action work? Or it has to be visible inside the app?

I currently have it as a button that links to the Bible, which takes the user outside of the app BUT I would like to have it stay within the app if possible.

Also, whats the difference between web view and open link?

@XL-STEAMS open link takes your users outside the app. Open webview will keep your users inside the app. Open webview is a view of a website😎


Thank you. So, although I like how webview looks as it keeps it in the app, unfortunately when I try to change chapters or verses, it does not change. When I have it set to open link, it works fine. I wonder why this is the case…

@XL-STEAMS some sites dont allow themselves to be embedded so even if webview works for some sites it would not perform as it would in a browser