Action Button; Open web view

Hello Everyone !

Just a quick doubt, Im trying to use the open web view, action button, but it shows me “may not allow it self to be embedded”.

Is it a pro feature or is something else??


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This is a security measure employed by many web sites to guard against Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks. Generally there is nothing you can do about this, and the workaround would be to use an Open Link action.


Hi Darren !!

Thank you very much for your replay! It makes sense, I already tried with other sites, even with some open links from Google Drive and not even one opened it, I really wanted to have all the resources to be able to do it from within the app, but I will use the Open Link option as you Said.

Regards !


An alternative you can try is go to and input the site on there. it may not give you all of the functionality but once you have the pwa built you can use that in the webview.


Hello !!

Thanks a lot for your reply ! It is really interesting this page you shared me ! I dont know if its going to be useful for me in this case but I´m pretty sure in a future, I was trying to linked it to a youtube video and because of the design of the app that was best option I will still looking to do it in a similar way.

Thanks again !

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