Add a new row after a new user profile row is created

Hey folks,

I need to add a new row to a different table when a new user profile row is created in my Users table.

I have created an Action that will wait for the email to be populated then create the new row in a separate table which works fine but I cant find a way to trigger it automatically.

Any help appreciated

Users : email column populated when user signs in first
Recordings : Add a new row with the newly created users email (row owner)

There is no way to trigger an action from the initial sign in.
What you would need to do is create an onboarding process for new users, and then get them to trigger an action as part of that process which adds the row in your second table.

Im just testing adding the columns directly to the user rows on the user table as the idea is to only allow each user to see their own recordings so in theory this should work and remove the need for the extra table

If you want users to only see their own data, then you should use Row Owners.

The user table has row owner enabled by default right?

Yes, it is.

I guess I’m a little bit confused about what exactly you’re trying to do here…
The below statement is confusing:

I was trying to pass info from the Users table to another table(recordings) , when in fact it made more sense for me to add the columns i needed directly to the user table rather than the additional table

ah, okay - now I see.

If you only have one recording per user, then that’s probably easiest.
But if you could have multiple recordings per user, then it would make sense to have them in a separate table.

So when the user records their audio or upload a file they are asked to save or delete.

Save will add the file , transcript and summary into the Notes table

Delete will remove the original upload file from the User table

This way I now have row owners on the user table and notes

Hi @Darren_Murphy,

In the “new user creation” process, I am thinking about how to skip “pin” check for non Gmail users.

Does Glide create a “real new user” when we trigger an “add row” action in the [user] table?


Yes, but the user will still need to authenticate the first time they sign in.