Add a New Edit Screen

Can I create a “New Edit Screen” for two or more different groups instead of setting their visibility?

I don’t think you can have multiple versions of an edit screen for the same table.

What you would need to do is use a Show New Screen action, and then build out a Custom Form on that details screen.

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better approach: have same Edit for both situations.
And just change visibility of components depending on user “type”, role, etc.

Except the poster was asking for an alternative to that method :slight_smile:

Also, I’d argue that both methods have their use. Using visibility is fine for simple use cases, but it can very quickly become cumbersome and difficult to manage as the complexity increases.

Thank You. But how do I provide the required conditions for each entry to be submitted?

If you look at the example app that I linked to, it shows how to do that.
If you have specific questions for your use case, let me know and I’ll help.

Thank you for your help.
I may need more conditions that govern how people fill in entries, such as text entries that control the number of characters and cannot be blank or a submit button that cannot be pressed before certain conditions are met. Same status as “Show Edit screen”.

Yes, that’s all possible.

There are several different approaches to preventing early submission. My favoured approach is to build the logic into the GDE, and then have the ability to submit conditional on the state of a single boolean column.

So for example, let’s say that there are 4 specific inputs that must not be empty, you might have an if-then-else column with something like:

  • If Col1 is empty, then blank
  • Else if Col2 is empty, then blank
  • Else if Col3 is empty, then blank
  • Else if Col4 is empty, then blank
  • Else true

And then only allow/show the submit button when that column is true.

That’s a very simple example. More complex scenarios are possible, but it all depends on your specific use case and how your data is structured.

Correspondingly it will get more complex as well. I was expecting a “Show New Edit Screen” action like “Show New Screen.”
I’ll try “Create New Action” like your sample app to test its complexity. Thank you.

No worries.
I like custom forms because they give me much more flexibility and control.
But some folks find them more effort than they are worth.
I get that, so I’m not here to convince you one way or the other.
But if you decide to take that route and need some help, I’m here.