Add a form within a form

I am trying to add a form within a form meaning:

  1. i fill out a form with different questions and once finished its submitted. this will add the information in row 3.
  2. i then open this form to read the info of row 3, but then i want to add another piece of information as ‘finished time’ where this information needs to appear in row 3 (another column on same google sheet) showing in this case the time when the subject has finished.
    thank you for your help.

Forms add new rows, so you don’t need a form for this. You just need to enable editing on the existing row.


let me try that solution. could be the solution. thank you

Just curious, does it always have to be row 3 or is it just an example you made here?

Not gonna work. because it does add to a new row, and i need to add to an already existing row that has been submitted previously. (i use google sheet)

Basically, first you submit the entry data (name, time, date) then submit → fills the row (2)
then i will open that row again to see the information on it, but this time i also will want to add the exit data (time and date of exit, and any observation). here an image:

So the red arrows indicate what i actually need to add/update on the already existing row in my sheet. as this info comes later, i have to add it later on.

PS edit is not the best choice as i dont want the user to be able to modify previous inputs. it would defeat the purpose of the job.

Then you can just don’t show those users the entries to edit the previous inputs?

yep that works! simply solution! thank you as always. u’r the king!

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