Add a Daily Amount to a Total Column?

Is it possible to have a user input box that will add to a total column?

Background. I am hosting a Skiing & Snowboarding Challenge that runs from January 1 - April 30, 2021. Each participant needs to log into the app and input their daily vertical feet skied or snowboarded every day that they are active. This input will then add to their total vertical feet logged over the entire Challenge.

I know I could create 120 columns (1 for each day of the Challenge), and they could scroll to that date and input their total vertical feet for that day. However, I am trying to see if there is a cleaner interface option, where they input their vertical feet logged in a Number Entry field, press submit, and then see their total for the Challenge update.

If this is possible, what components/columns/user edit features would be optimal?

Thank you for any tips or advice!

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Assuming you already have a Users sheet.
Create a google sheet called challenges, define column or data you want to capture there.
Come back to Glide and create a form button, wherever you would like and link it to your Challenge sheet.
Use select date component, then number entry field for vertical feet, also within the form set-up, use set columns to capture user data (email, username, avatar).
Then come to data editor use the 'Roll up" column- Sum on the vertical feet column to get total sum for all days logged.


Thank you for your help! I was able to get everything working.