Adding sums for each new row

I am trying to add rows (total sums) in data area:

row 1: 1200
row 2: 600
row 3: 1700
row 4: etc
I need to add the totals of each new row, with the previous row. for example total1(row1)= 1200, total2(row1+2)=1200+600, total3(row1+2+3)=1800+1700. etc
This sum needs to appear after every new row entry so i can keep pace of the total volume produced.

thank you all very much for your help.

This might help


Great Thank YOU! How do u guys learn to do all this!! Thx again

We’ve been in the platform since 2019. We’ve seen it go from only basic columns to all that it is now…it’s “easy” for us to see the solution because we know all the tools in the tool box, how they work, and how they work with each other. That, and just tinkering and playing around in Glide all day every day.

Anyone can get there—play around, try solving simple problems, try solving bigger problems (some of them take days to figure out…nothing better than waking up in the morning with an epiphany!), and participate in the forum often!


Don’t you love create relations using column headers in Google Sheets?