Active menu links white on white...really?

Anyone else have this issue where active links in the Menu list display in white and are impossible to read? Before I report as a bug just want to check. Thx


Not happening to me.

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Yes, we see this as well in the new More navigation menu. If you first select one of those tabs in the More menu and make it “active” then re-open the More menu, that active tab is whited-out as the selected item. Maybe it’s designed that way?

Either the grey shading should be darker or the text should be gray / black for it to stand out.

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UPDATE: I did report the bug and it has been fixed. @Himaladin, you should see it doesn’t matter which appearance style you use — either light, deep, or dark is now visible.

I appreciate the input @ThinhDinh and @Carbonsquare…I’ve submitted this as a bug because I was able to replicate across all browsers. Thx again.

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The problem lies here, when your choice of environment is light.

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