Impossibility of white labeling applications

Hello ! I’m currently experiencing a problem with white-labeling on my applications. To put it simply, when I check to set up white-labeling on a new or old application, it loads indefinitely and doesn’t activate.

Capture d’écran 2024-01-30 à 11.40.56

By the way, I have the Pro plan (which was part of the old plan :wink:), which gives me the option of unlimited white-labeling.

Are you also experiencing this problem on your end in recent days?

Thank you, have a nice day!

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Hey @Alexis-Driing,

I’m adding this thread to your ticket and following up with the support team.


Sometimes there is a 30 second to a minute lag between when you enable white labeling and when the screen shows that it is active. I get so impatient with this that after about 10 seconds I exit the app and reopen it and the check shows active. I’m not saying that this is what’s going on for you, but to let you know that this is a slow piece of the software. Hopefully an exit/reload like this might help.


Hello! I’m experiencing the same issue… has there been a resolution for this?