Activate Multiple File

Hi, I’m working in the free plan and not able to activate the multiple file component. Is it only available to paying plans? The starter plan already has that component available? Thank you in advance

You need a multiple file column and a file picker to fill it. Do you have that?

Has i understood, before that i need to activate this in the Preview Features, but i dont have that possibility or even to choose a multiple file column or file picker. Thank you

Is your App a Classic App by any chance?
These new column types are not available in Classic Glide Apps.


But the activation is in the account correct? and i’m not able to activate that. Without that i think i cant choose the new column type.

No, it’s no longer in Previews, which means that it’s available by default for all Apps.
But not Classic Apps.

So let me ask again - is your App a Classic App?
If it is, then you won’t have access to the Multiple File and Multiple Image column types.

If you’re not sure what a Classic App is, check your Project Dashboard:


Ok thx understood, already available in the app but not in the classic ones, thanks :slight_smile:

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