๐Ÿš€ Actions on FORM SUBMISSION!


Need actions for adding new items

Hey everyone,

I could not find any mention of sending a zap after a form submission except for what @Yasin_Hassanien said.

However, I went ahead and made a zap that gets trigger by the form submission. It works well. I love this because I donโ€™t need to wait till the row is created in the sheets to actually send the notification to the app admin.

Thanks a lot Glide team for all the work you guys do. Thanks @Robert_Petitto for always giving us new ideas.


Doesnโ€™t Zapier charge us for those Zaps?

As alwaysโ€”happy to help!

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Unfortunately nor Whatsapp nor Telegram are available in Zapier.
What do you think is the best app to notify admin?

I have not tried it but I think you can still do it. I will test it out and let you know.

An alternative, depending on where your are is to do what @Drearystate suggested a few months ago and create a text notification with the phone carrier email and Zapier

I hope this helps.

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Not in the free version.

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You can use twilio for Whatsapp and custom post by zapier webhooks it will work fine am using it already


Hey @Gerard_Fernandez! Sorry I called you Pablo in the video. :man_facepalming:t6:

This way seems to work well but depending on what you really want, I think that @Yasin_Hassanienโ€™s idea of using Twilio might be better.

I hope this helps.


@Robert_Petitto great find! Is this possible with the buy button? Actions after a successful purchase?

Hey @Rob,

I just checked the buy button, due to your question, it seems that it would not be possible since the buy button doesnโ€™t have a way to set up actions.

I might be wrong and @Robert_Petitto has a great idea on how to achieve this.

No problem :joy::joy: Gracias !!
Thanks for the video. Yes it can also be a good way to notify admin, although it is conditioned to the user really pressing the send button in WhatsApp.

I will have a look to Twilio as well

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I believe itโ€™s possible to send WhatsApp messages from the buy button. In Google Sheets, where buy button entires are submitted, I would do a =vlookup to bring in phone numbers.

Then reach out to the amazing @Manan_Mehta or take a look at his tutorial here.


Iโ€™m wondering how I missed it :disappointed_relieved:

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Thanks @SantiagoPerez!

Having this feature for a Buy Button would be a game changer :exploding_head:

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All the gamechangers people mention :wink:

It sounds like all the features the people are missing. :grin:

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Hey guys, awesome stuff, but one issue:
I cannot run 2 different actions on submit if the forms are linked to the same source data.

Need multiple ways to capture dates (events, deadlines, holidays, etc.)
Each has their own set of details & therefore separate forms. I figured I can just link all of them to a single data source, with the submit action set to their respective labels using โ€œset column valueโ€.
But surprise, surprise, if I change the label from โ€œeventโ€ to โ€œdeadlinesโ€, it adds the same value for all!

Am I missing something?

Sounds like youโ€™re using the same form (or the add button on a list view). If youโ€™re willing to convert that to a details screen you can add a โ€œShow formโ€ action and configure the same form but with different โ€œon submitโ€ actions.

Ahh! Great idea. Thanks!