Action type Filter?

Hello! I’m trying to make images as buttons , which would need to work as filters for the content on the page. The only way I see this can work is to put an action on image but that the action would have to be filter. And I don’t see this type of action available. I want to confirm whether this is the case or I’m missing something. Thanks.

So you want to use the images as navigation? In this case I would create an auxiliary table. So you can display the images, for example as a “card” and then assign an action to the click. I would place the filter on a field in the user priority: “View”, whereby the column value adjusts accordingly with the click. The disadvantage of this solution is that the entire content (including content that is not displayed) is always loaded on your page. This may lead to performance problems.

Does it help you?


Action would need to write a value to a user specific column. The content on the screen would need to reference this value in order to apply any sort of filter.


More like images as filters. I think navigation is easy because you make them behave as such and the action “Go to tab” is readily available. I’m looking to make them work as a native filter – the one that is called “IN-APP FILTER”

Thanks for the proposed solution. I’ll try doing something with the proposed solution and will get back with results.