Action to add a row with more than just the first item in a list?


A simple app that tallies the number of kids getting on and off a bus. The gender buttons are tiles from an inline list. When submitting the form, only the boys tally is recorded in the row (as it is the first item in the list).

Can’t figure out how to set up the Glide table to capture the girls tally as well? Lookups and Joined Lists are not available in the ‘Add a Row’ options.

Obviously, I could have the boys and girls as separate columns in the Glide table have 2 inline lists but then the buttons would be on top of each other. I really want them side by side.

You could probably use a Single Value column to get the Girls tally, and then use that when adding the new row.

Tried but it doesn’t seem to be something I can add a row for as it’s not in the list of options when creating the action. Actually it does work because it writes all the way down when submitting anyway.

Now the question is how to clear the girl’s value on submit? Only the boy’s value clears, as it’s first in the list.

You’ll probably need to do something funky using a User Specific “Parent ID” column.
Have a look at @Jeff_Hager’s multi-row reset example - that might give you some inspiration.